Plantronics Savi Wireless Headset For Desk and PC/MAC
The Plantronics Savi advantages. Comparison among Plantronics wireless headsets.

The Plantronics Savi headset is the newest line in the family of Plantronics wireless headsets and offers several new powerful features to the previous generations.


Although similar in headset style design, the Savi is much different in itís capabilities.


Plantronics Savi Standout features:


  1. Versatility: The Savi can be used for both the desk top phone and PC/MAC. This allows users to use the wireless headset not only for the desk phone but also the computer for tasks such as audio conferencing, webinars, music or other tasks that require wireless audio. When you look at the Savi this way, the value is unbeatable as it is 2 wireless headsets in one.
  2. The Plantronics Savi features 200ft of real range. Other then the Plantronics CS50, the Savi delivers the range that it promises. Optional Savi lifters are also available. Regular desk top moldels like the CS55, CS351N, CS70N and the CS361N produce a real life range of 60-100ft, not the 300ft claimed in the specifications. The Savi delivers a real range of 200ft. 
Iíve used the Savi and find it easy to use, and intuitive to operate, simply just plug and play. Although talk times may vary per unit, I have never found it to be an issue as long as you charge it at the end of the day. It alows you to easily conference in someone on the VoIP side to the desk phone, or synch in with another user for conferences.
If you are thinking that you miught use your PC or Mac more for audio capabilities, the Savi is the way to go. If not, try the traditional line of headsets as you'll be paying more for the VoIP wireless capability.
Some of the main technical features amoung the Savi line include:
  • Electronic Hookswitch Cables Available: for Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Polycom and Siemens systems
  • Digital Encryption: 64-bit
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Range: Up to 350 feet
  • Headset Weight: Convertible - 25 grams; Over-the-ear - 27 grams
  • Headset Controls: Volume, mute,call answer/end
  • Persono Suite Software Personalization: Ring tones, volumes, default settings
  • Dual Connection: Desk Phone and PC softphone
  • Mix Calls: Combine a call from your softtphone with a call from your desk phone
  • Switch Calls: Answer whichever device is ringing
  • Adaptive Battery Power: Optimizes energy consumption
  • Battery Enabled Talk/Listen Time
  • Microphone Style Noise-canceling

    If you donít need to use both the desk and PC/MAC, then you should consider the regular Plantronics desk models. See below for list of their equivalents.

    Wireless convertible over the ear or head:
    Plantronics Savi wo100
    Over the ear only with ear bud style:
    Plantronics Savi wo200
    Plantronics CS70N
    Over the head monaural (one ear)


    Plantronics Savie wo300
    Over the head binaural (two ears)


    Plantronics wo350
    Plantronics wo350

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