Plantronics CS50 Review

The Plantronics CS50 wireless headset is still current and one of Plantronics most popular sellers.

Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset
The Plantronics CS50 is the original release by Plantronics to the wireless market and is still current today. Although Plantronics does not officially list it on their site, units are still produced factory fresh and is still amoung the most popular sellers.
The reason is it's range holds true to 300ft, whereas the advertised range of the next generation Plantronics CS55, CS70N, CS351N and CS361N is 300ft, actual performance holds between 60-100ft depending on interference around it. Walls, electronic equipment or other wireless devices can cause reduction in range of the newer generation units.
The Plantronics CS50 not only holds range, but provides excellent quality sound along with 8 hours of talk time. With it's ability to be deployed to users in both over the head or ear wearing styles out of the box, it makes a popular choice and one we still recommend.
The Plantronics CS55 is the newer edition and has 10 hours of talk time, DECT technology and noise canceling ability over the CS50.
However when deciding on the CS55 vs. the CS50, we usually tell clients if range is important, go with the Plantronics CS50.
Plantronics CS50 USB
Confusing to some, Plantronics does have a CS50 version that works stricly with USB (your computer). This will allow you to use such programs such as Skype, Dragon Naturally Speaking or other audio communication programs. This unit will NOT work on a desk phone.
Featuring great range, the CS50 USB headset is a top wireless device for people wanting top go wireless with their PC. Real range is approx. 200ft.
The compatibility guide below will not list the CS50, however, if you see the CS55 you can use this as a benchmark to determine if your desk phone will work.
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