GN Jabra Wireless Headets. Comparison from the experts.

GN Netcom, now called Jabra offers an excellent selection of wireless headsets. Although not as well known in North America, they are the world leader in headsets and offer a quality product, comparable to other brands in the market.

Like other brands, wireless headsets also work with an optional "lifter" that is designed to "lift" the phone handset when a call is remotely picked up, thus answering the call. This will allow the user to pick up a call when they are not at their desk, at the simple click of a button on their headset piece. This flexibility allows users to "never miss a call."

Wireless headsets will still work without a "lifter" but the user will be required to attend their desk to pick up the handset when the call rings.

Lifters add a certain degree of cost to the purchase, but pay themselves back 10 times over during the course of their use. Some phones are designed to that they do not require lifters. Check with the compatibility guide or with the manufacturer of your phone system.

So which GN Netcom Jabra wireless model is right for me?

Through our experience, combined with customer feedback, we have provided you with our opinion on the GN Netcom Jabra line of wireless headsets. Each model is designed for a specific purpose and use. Generally, we find this brand to be superior in range over competing models offering equal sound quality.

The GN Jabra 9120 comes in a number of wearing options as outlined below but generally have these characteristics. Long range 12 hour talk time Ability to conference up to 4 people and/or train

Model options:

The GN Jabra 9120 comes out of the box with an over the ear or over the head wearing option.

This unit is the only unit in the world to be able to work with a regular desk phone and VoIP system with a USB connector. It has 3 wearing styles, has the ability to conference, clear sound and excellent range. This unit is lightweight, comes in 2 wearing styles and comes in USB or desk form. This unit also comes in a version that supports Microsoft Office Communicator.

The GN Jabra 9350 is the only wireless headset in the world able to work with both VoIP and regular desk phones. This unit can be utlized for future VoIP capability.

These are just some basic guidelines when deciiding on which headset is right for you. We are here to help, please feel free to contact us, we would be glad to be of service. Call us toll free 1-866-748-3526 or email us at Sales: