Ergonomics Makes Life Better

ERGONOMICS... The term “ergonomics” is derived from two Greek words: “ergon”, meaning work and “nomoi”, meaning natural laws. Ergonomists study human capabilities in relationship to work demands.
POSTURE... In recent years, ergonomists have attempted to define postures which minimize unnecessary static work and reduce the forces acting on the body. All of us could significantly reduce our risk of injury if we could adhere to the following ergonomic principles:
  • All work activities should permit the worker to adopt several different, but equally healthy and safe postures
  • Where muscular force has to be exerted it should be done by the largest appropriate muscle groups available.
  • Work activities should be performed with the joints at about mid-point of their range of movement. This applies particularly to the head, trunk, and upper limbs.
Proper Ergonomics have been shown as a key to better work performance and a healthy lifestyle. Employees using proper equipment and posture feel better physcially, and can execute their tasks faster, more efficiently resulting in improved performance. For the individual, proper ergonomic practices will also help avoid long term physical ailments that would likely plague them in future years, perhaps beyond employment. The use of hands free and or wireless products has dramatically improved ergonomics and performace in the workforce resulting in less work related injuries while aiding performance.
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